Customer Testimonial

Mike Hansen, Consultant, San Diego

When it comes to computers, I don’t know of anyone that is more knowledgeable in this field than Erik Olson. I have personally known Erik for over 15 years, and in that time he has been a tremendous help to me whenever I have run into a computer problem. Not only does he consistently keep up with the ever changing market, but he has a true passion and truly enjoys what he does. I say this because, to be an expert in your field, you need to love what you do. And Erik does. I highly recommend Eotech to anyone that has concerns, problems or questions when it comes to computers.

Dr. Dean Gebroe, Culver City Animal Hospital

I have been using Erik Olson and Eotech services for several years now and am very pleased with the outstanding service they have provided me with both personally and professionally. I began by using Eotech for routine home computer issues. As time went by and technology evolved I again consulted with Erik regarding timing of purchasing technologies and what would be the most cost effective way of meeting my needs today and in the future. Erik’s recommendations over time have kept me prepared today and aware of what my future needs will be.

On the business side, again Eotech helped resolve my day to day issues quickly and efficiently. Best of all they were always available in a timely fashion, put out my fires and did it with a smile. Currently, I am strategizing with Erik about upgrading my system at work and going into a network configuration. I feel confident that Eotech will be there to hold my hand until the system is integrated and runs seamlessly. I would recommend Erik and Eotech unequivocally to anyone that has computer needs.

Dr. Howard Flleischer, AtlasChiropractic

Erik and Eotech-it are life savers! When my computer crashed and I was stressed out about losing all of my personal files Erik found a way to save everything and put it all on a new hard drive. Since then I have used him on several occasions from everything from hardware issues to just general questions. He is very trustworthy and dependable. He has always gotten back to me very quickly and is very knowledgeable.

I recommend Eotech-it and Erik to anyone out there that does not know the ins and outs of their computers.
Howard F.

Darrell and Sandy DeKiserre

My husband and I have known Erik for over four years. He has helped us move our computer skills into the Twenty First Century. His patience and good natured encouragement have provided me with a chance to learn at home and at a pace that suits me. I would never have figured out how to print photos or download pics of our beloved grandkids without Erik’s easy going tutoring. He has also given me information about products available in retail stores to safely remove and store my photos and music, and at the same time, free up more storage on my computer. I could look all day at Target, Staples, or Costco before anyone would assist me on finding or using a product. Erik tells me what to get (and where to get it) and then shows me how it works. What can I say? We love him and know we can depend on his judgement and honesty.